Fund-A-Cause: Building Healthy Young Minds

One in ten children struggle with a mental health issue before the age of 10. Local children desperately need our help to address risk factors, such as loss, depression, bullying, eating disorders, substance abuse, autism, and lack of access to services. Through the Fund-A-Cause for mental and behavioral health, we can build the foundation for a comprehensive mental health program to serve Southwest Florida children.

Auction Lot #9 – Child Art by Leo and Lola Grabinski

2017 Child Artists Leo and Lola Grabinski created an original painting to adorn the walls of Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, where the twins spent 98 days in the NICU after being born 13 weeks early. This vibrant painting is the largest piece created in the history of the Child Artist program – an energetic depiction of these two survivors!

Auction Lot #40 – Pass the Hat

Pass the Hat becomes increasingly successful each year thanks to the generosity of each donor. Participants may uncork the power of giving by placing a variety of items in the giving hat, such as tickets to sporting events, jewelry, scholarships and more. Join the circle, pass the hat, and uncork your generosity!

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